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Arts in Education at College Mixte Volonte de Dieu (COMIVOD)

When John Farrell, a teaching artist from Hillsdale, NY and I met to discuss his Arts in Education projects that have been in place in different countries in Europe, Africa and in the US and the goals of Bridges of Peace & Hope, right away it comes to me that this is a project that will greatly benefit the students at COMIVOD. 

Most people may have already known that Haitians have been recycling before the term “recycling” was even invented, for others, especially the new generation that is growing up in an age of “ready made object“ and ‘import,“ using recycled object may have to be

Carline showing kids art

Haitians still recycle carnation milk cans into kerosene lamps (which is still in used in the countryside to this day), other cans into funnels, spatulas, graters, car bumpers  into charcoal stoves, tires into soles for sandals, and so on.  That’s the practical side of recycling in addition to the piece of art Haitian artists have made out of leather, metal drums, wood carving and other attractive pieces of artwork sold to visitors.

The goals of Bridges of Peace & Hope are to enable young people and teachers to make connections with others around the world in ways that will allow them to:

  • Expand their awareness and understanding of each other.
  • Express their thoughts and feelings through writing and other forms of creative artistic expression.
  • Participate in projects that will include cultural exchanges, build relationships, and provide assistance to individuals and groups in need.

Students at Desk

To participate the students have decided to contribute a piece to the quilt. A piece that will express their hopes for their school and their country.  Here students take turn painting the cloth that will be added to the quilt.

Students working on quilt

Each student is eagerly but impatiently waiting to add their contribution to the palm tree they see as their hopes for a better tomorrow (to see the finish work visit )

Students Waiting to Contribute

In addition to the quilt the students learned and sing the song "We are Walking the Bridge of Peace."

Group shot of students

To see more of this project and to hear the students’ singing "We are Walking the Bridge of Peace and Hope" visit John Farrell’s Bridges of Peace and Hope web site as soon as it is up.

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