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Newly arrived in the Hudson area with his 4 children is Gregory Sanon, a musician and composer who has taken his haunting percussion sounds far from his native Haiti. The subjects of his compositions range from political protest against Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime, to worldwide children's rights and health, to spiritual music for Voodoo ceremonies, to sounds fusing his native music with traditional rock music such as that of Jimmy Hendrix and Santana.

The people of Hudson were treated to two recent performaces by Azouke and several percussionist friends, accompanying Haitian Dance group "Bamboche Lakay", first at the opening of Jake Walthour's new Jubille Restaurant and jazz club as part of Columbia County Council on the Arts' Spirit and Passion: Afro-Caribbean Art, a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Haitian independence, and again at the Fourth Down Block Party. Another local appearance is scheduled for this group at this year's Albany First Night.





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