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Earthquare relief:
overflowing support

Left: Truck being filled in Chatham, NY USA;
Center: Truck Unloaded in Merger, Haiti;
Right: Students at COMIVOD assemble a mural from Platte Cove students in Hunter, NY
Donated Container Serves as Solar Powered Community Center
Distribution of donated school supplies
Girl gets comfort from a Handmade Doll made and donated by Girl Scounts in Chatham, NY

After the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 this year, CCCA had taken the initiative by mobilizing its membership and the residents of the county in an effort to lend a hand to the victims, relatives and survivors of this disaster. Along came Jody Rael of Solaqua Power & Art/Sundog Solar who had decided at this point to move along with his earlier plan that he was working on with Carline Murphy of Haitian Community Development Project, to donate a container to be fitted with solar energy equipment, to be filled with donations of medical supplies, food, clothes, tents, sleeping bags, school supplies and personal hygiene products. To also give each Haitian living in the county an opportunity to send supplies directly to their relatives and families currently living in Haiti at no cost.

On June 29, 2010 the loaded container was picked up from Solaqua in Chatham, NY delivered to the town of Merger, outside of Port-au-Prince on July 22. Located on Route National #2 in Merger, the solar fitted and insulated container serves as a Community Center. Now, the residents of that town can charge their cell phones, run a television set, and any other services the people may deem necessary. The container enables people to stay connected – assuaging some of the isolation and depression caused by the disaster.

Young people hope to set up a copier to copy documents and school related papers. This is a desperately needed service. After that, they would like to add a few laptops, a printer, and internet service where people can do research and learn more about computer technologies. The needs are enormous and possibilities infinite. Young people in Merger have shown interest in learning more about solar energy, and have requested to have seminars and workshops on the technology. There is a particular interest in learning how to manufacture solar equipment in Haiti and to produce things from recycled materials.

HCDP’s partnership with COMIVOD's (College Mixte Volonte de Dieu) continues. Students are attending classes under a make shift tent, but they are not forgotten. Students and parents from Ichabod Crane Middle School in Valatie, NY collected sleeping bags and funds and participants of Students Against Violating the Earth (Jr. S.A.V.E.) sent school supplies.

Fifth & Sixth Graders from Platte Clove, a religious community in Hunter, NY have also gotten involved with HCDP’s work. They raised money towards the shipment of the container. They also sent art work which lifted the spirits of students in Haiti. Students at COMIVOD had fun figuring out how to reconstruct the collage and hung it on the only remaining wall of their school.

As you can see your support and contributions have opened up a whole new horizon for a group of people in ways many of us could not have imagined. For this, I thank you all and I pray for your continuous support in making dreams come true.

Left:Student with Mural; Center: Students at COMIVAD attending classes under a make shift tent, they use supplies sent from students and parents of Ichabod Crane Middle School in Valatie, NY. Right: A persion in Merger sets up the community space solar trailer .

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