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group in haiti recyclers

Marie Jamie points out “I couldn’t believe how these young kids hang out the school’s ground even during the summer.” While most students in the States will travel, work or do activities away from the school ground, in Haiti it seems for most students the school is the place where the action is.” This summer of 2009 the students have expectations. Great expectations.

A visitor to HCDP’s website who read the report with the picture last year of the soccer team will no doubt see a very enthusiastic and eager group of children standing proudly with their soccer ball. That is the group an HCDP volunteer puts together to play ball, but he made a promise to return. Returned, he did this summer of 2009. Raising his own funds to cover his airfare and sport equipment for his team, He returned to Haiti with soccer jerseys, shorts, cleats and other necessary soccer equipment to dress up his team. For three (3) weeks, he took his team to the field to practice and exercise.The team is now inspired. They are having a summer again this year at COMIVOD.

As always, more needs to be done. As one can see


the team is growing. More uniforms are needed, more everything is badly needed. I was touched during my visit to the school after


The players are getting ready to do their practice and run like their coach had taught them. One youngster, who will not be left behind, decided to create his own shin guard out of cardboard. (That... is recycling for you )Soccer is in their blood. The passion they develop on ICC’s soccer field is now transported to Haiti’s school children Please support this soccer project. More schools are already interested in establishing this program and the recycling project for their students. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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