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Waste management
and recycling in haiti -
introduction to project

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Haitian Community Development Project, inc has entered into an agreement to collaborate with Inciner8 International to bring a small incinerator to Haiti to address the waste issue in the country.

Addressing the growing solid waste problem in the country of Haiti Inciner8 Limited is based in the United Kingdom and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of incinerators throughout the world.

Their dealership network spans across over 42 countries throughout the world and have customers in 95 countries on every continent.

© Rémi Kaupp, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

Inciner8 is committed to an environmental policy, which necessitates that their product development takes into account all environmental concerns. Their latest technology is aimed at recycling as much fuel and energy into usable resources for example, heat, electricity and even distilled water.

The problem that can be seen in Haiti with the waste issue is a growing concern, which should be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Inciner8 Ltd is now collaborating with The Haitian Community Development Project, Inc. with offices based at P.O. Box 35, Niverville, NY 12130 to eliminate the waste issue in Haiti which is now becoming a health risk.

As part of their commitment to this project, they are sharing the costs of an initial pilot study utilising one of their Model A400 (Sec) incinerators.

HCDP needs to match the funds and raise US$3700. Inciner8 will follow this project and see the benefits of a single incinerator at a location on the island and see how things progress. If the project is successful and the funds become available, additional small equipment can be installed in other areas.

HCDP would like to take this opportunity to request financial support from all of you to reach this goal and to cover the cost of materials and labor to build an encased cement platform for the installation, travel expenses, and intial fuel expenses for the operation of the equipment.

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