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Haiti 2008

On August 4, 2008, students at the Ecole Mixte Volonte de Dieu, a school in Haiti, attended a workshop on recyling and waste management. The students focused on separating the trash (home and school) before sending it out for collection. They also learned how to recognize what is recyclable, and how they can use recycling as a fundraising tool for their school. A fundraising system for used cell phones and ink cartridges was set up, with support from Planet Green Recycle. The site collected 20 used cell phones on the first day. Used cell phones bring in $.25 to $15 US dollars. If you know of anyone who can help these students by setting a site at their businesses or their own neighborhood, please contact HCDP for more information.

The soccer team with
the education director
Secondary school student
Marie Carmelle Fleurimond, EducationDirector at Ecole Mixte Volonte de Dieu
Student in front of the school
Marie Carmelle and Carline Murphy of HCDP
The soccer players
Students at Ecole Mixte Volonte de Dieu attending the workshop on environment/recycling
4th graders at Ecole Mixte Volonte de Dieu

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